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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.--( / ) January 16, 2015 -- Expression Analysis (EA), a Quintiles company, today announced the winners of a grant program that provides scientists with leading-edge products and services to advance genomics research. In this sixth year of the program, EA and co-sponsor, Illumina, awarded two fully funded research grants to investigate genomic data locked within Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) tumor samples - a largely untapped data pool that can help enhance researchers’ understanding of cancer biology.

After a rigorous review of nearly 700 submissions by a distinguished panel of judges, two researchers were selected to receive grants. The recipients include:

· Professor Anne Bowcock, Ph.D., chair of Cancer Genomics at Imperial College London, who will profile a specific subset of metastatic colon cancers - those that metastasize to the lung - for CpG methylation and transcriptomic alterations. Her research, driven in partnership with Sing Yu Moorcraft and Ian Chau, will help create a comprehensive profile of genomic changes that occur during tumor evolution. These results could help inform the identification of drugs that target key abnormalities and molecular drivers of this often-deadly cancer. They could also help identify potential prognostic or predictive biomarkers that can assist physicians in determining optimal treatment approaches.

· Dr. Zhiqing Huang, M.D., Ph.D., senior research scientist at the Duke University Medical Center, will investigate genome-scale DNA methylation and RNA expression changes in epithelial ovarian cancer to help explain ovarian cancer recurrence and the contribution of the tumor microenvironment. These results could help identify new biomarkers for ovarian cancer diagnosis and prognosis, especially among the 20-30 percent of ovarian cancer patients whose tumors do not produce CA125 - a key biomarker for ovarian cancer diagnosis known today. In addition, they hope to identify more relevant targets for chemotherapy or gene-specific therapy.

“Genomic research has the power to transform our knowledge of cancer biology and is instrumental in identifying biomarkers that lead to the development of life-saving and life-enhancing therapies,” said Kellie Yarnell, vice president for Genomic Operations at EA. “Through this grant program, we will help support the work of Dr. Bowcock and Dr. Huang, whose research could one day lead to important advances in the fights against colorectal and ovarian cancers.”

“We are honored to support the efforts of Dr. Bowcock and Dr. Huang in their quests to better understand the underlying science of colon and ovarian cancers. We hope that their research yields insights which will one day improve outcomes for individuals with these devastating diseases,” said Tina Nova, senior vice president and general manager, oncology for Illumina.

About EA

EA, a Quintiles company, provides cutting-edge genomic sequencing, gene expression, genotyping, and bioinformatics services to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic test developers, government agencies, and academic labs. Projects are conducted under clinical-grade quality control, ensured through CLIA certification, GCP compliance, and adherence to CLSI guidelines as applicable to the testing performed. EA’s bioinformatics staff are key contributors to the Food and Drug Administration’s MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) and Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) studies, which aim to improve standards and quality measures for reliable use of next-generation sequencing and gene expression technologies in clinical practice and regulatory decision-making. As part of its mission to improve human health, EA has donated more than $2.8 million towards academic genomic research grants and its “Leave Your Fingerprint on the Cure” Program for pediatric cancer hosted at the American Society for Human Genetics annual meeting.

About Quintiles

Quintiles (NYSE: Q), a Fortune 500 company, is the world’s largest provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services. With a network of more than 32,000 employees conducting business in approximately 100 countries, we helped develop or commercialize all of 2013’s top-100 best-selling drugs on the market. Quintiles applies the breadth and depth of our service offerings along with extensive therapeutic, scientific and analytics expertise to help our customers navigate an increasingly complex healthcare environment as they seek to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of better healthcare outcomes. To learn more about Quintiles, please visit

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ROLLING MEADOWS, ILLINOIS--( / ) May 04, 2020 -- 비뇨기과명의 ROLLINGa 릴게임바다이야기 leader in the identity access 온라인약국비아그라 management industry, 온라인약국비아그라 야마토가입머니 rf IDEAS welcomes its 25th year in business with 온라인약국비아그라 오션릴게임 a refreshed 바다이야기게임방법 brand, revamped website, and new products 함몰음경 ROLLINGthe WAVE ID® line of proximity and contactless identification, mobile credential and authentication readers.


A tradition of progressive product development and exceptional customer service is demonstrated 아침발기 Along-lasting partnerships with Imprivata, 바카라노하우 HP, and Google. “Collaboration is the 부고환 Ato our growth and leadership in the identity access management 아세트아미노펜 market,” says David Cottingham, president of rf IDEAS. “Our new products?including great strides in contactless authentication?reflect our drive to create market solutions that anticipate and 온라인약국비아그라 카지노추천 deliver 엠빅스에스 Athe changing needs of customers.”


The redesigned website 비아그라가격 The customers to the ideal solution for applications such as employee 남자정력에좋은음식 Thesecure printing, time and attendance, 온라인약국비아그라 비아그라효과 and other areas, with biometric authentication solutions coming soon.


The company’s 스테미너음식 The 발기부전치료제 single sign-on solution, WAVE ID® Nano USB-C, delivers the same wireless reader technology now available in the fast-growing Type-C USB connector, in a design 온라인약국비아그라 붐카지노 that stands up to hostile 정력에좋은운동 TheIt makes reader capabilities possible on smaller devices and is compatible with 온라인약국비아그라 정선카지노 Apple, Google, and Microsoft USB-C enabled devices, clinician laptops, and mobility applications.


The 발기부전증상 company’s commitment to 정력에좋은약초 Theand quality ensures that all processes, product quality control, development and overall corporate management meet and exceed customer expectations. As a result, rf IDEAS was listed for five consecutive years (2011 through 2015) on Inc. magazine‘s list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private 정력에좋은차 Theprior to its acquisition in 2015 by 싱가포르카지노 Roper Technologies, Inc. New branding 온라인약국비아그라 고추커지는법 and product lines continue to reflect this dedication to thought leadership and innovation.


About 플레이온카지노 rf 아침발기 야관문주 About온라인약국비아그라 부고환


rf IDEAS, Inc. is a leader in the card and credential reader space for healthcare, 정액이안나와요 rf 엘카지노 government, and enterprise. Partnering with leading technology companies, rf IDEAS readers enable innovative solutions for single 온라인약국비아그라 부산파라다이스카지노 sign-on, secure printing, attendance tracking, and other applications that require authentication. rf IDEAS readers support nearly all credential technologies worldwide and 온라인약국비아그라 레드나인카지노 the growing set of mobile credentials. 한미약품파워겔 rfmore information, visit


rf 과민성조루 rfis a registered trademark of rf IDEAS, Inc. All other trademarks, service marks and product or service names 온라인약국비아그라 그라비아이지은 are 골드카지노 property of their respective owners


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