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ROLLING MEADOWS, ILLINOIS--( / ) April 19, 2017 -- ISACA is changing how cyber security training is delivered with the latest additions to its Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) portfolio of resources?the CSX Training Platform and Assessment Tool.

The CSX Training Platform offers learners an easily accessible, constantly updated education environment that gives administrators clear insights into employee performance so organizations can ensure that they hire and retain the best talent on the front lines of cyber security defenses. The on-demand, performance-based training and assessment tool, conducted in live environments using real-world threat scenarios, is the first of its kind.

Historically, organizations have had to rely on training mechanisms that are costly, inaccessible and quickly out-of-date due to the ever-changing threat environment. According to a recent ISACA survey, 52 percent of respondents said they believe traditional cyber security training options leave staff only moderately to not-at-all prepared. With the growing skills gap, cyber security team leaders are looking to formally diagnose specific areas where they need to bolster skills, according to 62 percent of respondents.

Real-time Skills Assessment

The CSX Training Platform addresses those pain points with the first-of-its kind cloud-hosted assessment feature, which lets HR professionals evaluate the hands-on skills of cyber security job candidates and enables cyber security team leaders to assess the skills of their current staff.

The CSX Assessment Tool gives hiring managers a critical resource when it comes to evaluating candidates and ultimately filling positions. Human resource departments and supervisors can use the tool to determine if applicants, or current employees, have the necessary hands-on skills for positions or promotions. Candidates respond to real-world threats in a live lab environment, and HR professionals will receive an immediate assessment of their skills, giving them a clear picture of what the candidate can and can’t do.

“With its hands-on approach to cyber defense, the CSX Training Platform is an important learning solution for enterprises that want their front-line IT teams to be cyber-hardened, cyber-prepared and cyber-tested,” said Christos Dimitriadis, ISACA board chair and group director of information security at INTRALOT, “The ability to test and build skills will help enterprises address the significant skills gap problem they’re facing.”

Performance-Based Training in a Live Network Environment

The CSX Training Platform currently includes up to 100 hours of performance-based learning, divided among beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It also features virtual versions of ISACA’s three CSX Practitioner courses, the CSX Practitioner Bootcamp, and the Cybersecurity Fundamentals course. The CSX Labs and courses will be updated continuously, and new ones will be added in response to evolving needs of cyber security teams and the threat landscape.

“We consistently hear from CISOs around the world that cost and accessibility are significant barriers to getting their employees the hands-on training they need to be effective and advance their capabilities,” said Matt Loeb, ISACA CEO. “As part of our mission to narrow the skills gap and help enterprises develop their cyber workforce, ISACA developed the CSX Training Platform as an affordable solution that gives cyber security professionals complex scenarios to handle and live incidents to detect and mitigate.”

The CSX Training Platform isn’t built as a one-size-fits-all for learners. With modules for all levels of practitioners, learners can be sure they are receiving flexible training that is appropriate for their skill level and helps them advance their capabilities in the areas that are most relevant to their work. Enterprises of all sizes can choose to have full access or modify the options to fit their needs. Additionally, with its cloud-based model, training can be accessed by employees on demand and without the expense of travel. Organizations are no longer forced to pull their IT staff away from their job to participate in off-site training.

“Each organization faces a unique set of threats, and the CSX Training Platform is designed to address those threats and test related skills. Our experts will constantly add to the platform, so we are able to build a training curriculum that supports the immediate and future needs of cyber security teams,” said Frank Schettini, Chief Innovation Officer for ISACA. “A cybercriminal builds an attack based on his or her domain of expertise. So why wouldn’t organizations enable security professionals to build defenses the same way?”

Why Today?

Though cyber security threats are growing in number and complexity, the professionals on the front lines of defense are not keeping pace, according to ISACA’s State of Cyber Security 2017 report. Hiring managers are having a hard time finding the right talent, citing issues such as:

· Nearly 1 in 3 organizations say it takes six months or more to fill open cyber security positions

· 37 percent of organizations say fewer than 1 in 4 candidates are qualified

· 1 in 5 organizations gets fewer than five applicants for open cyber security positions

Additionally, cyber security leaders have a critical need to build the skills of their existing staff. The same survey found that fewer than half are confident in their team’s skills to detect and respond to complex cyber incidents.

The CSX Training Platform is currently available for enterprise use. An individual version will be available later in 2017. For more information, visit


ISACA® ( helps professionals around the globe realize the positive potential of technology in an evolving digital world. By offering industry-leading knowledge, standards, credentialing and education, ISACA enables professionals to apply technology in ways that instill confidence, address threats, drive innovation and create positive momentum for their organizations. Established in 1969, ISACA is a global association serving 520,000 engaged professionals in 188 countries.

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HOUSTON--( / ) February 25, 영랑동고스톱 HOUSTON--(-- 야덩 러브라인 Harris 토렌트 CapRock Communications has 고척동홀덤카페 HOUSTON--(the industry’s first unified, fully managed satellite, wireless and terrestrial connectivity 야덩 야구토토승무패 service designed to reduce customers’ voice, data and equipment management costs.

Harris CapRock One is an 야덩 intelligent, highly-integrated, 토렌트 온라인베팅 end-to-end service that 토렌트 온라인스포츠배팅 transparently switches between the 야덩 온티비 포동홀덤대회 Harristransport mediums to optimize communications for 토렌트 털보TV 19세영화 Harrisaround the globe.

Customers in 우츠노미야시온 Customersenergy and 토렌트 슈퍼맨TV cruise industry, for example, 야덩 유벤투스 often 토렌트 struggle to obtain reliable, always-on communications when their vessels, drilling sites and ships change their global positions and communications needs. With Harris CapRock One, they can replace current single or dual-band communications support options with a multiple-medium solution that exceeds their needs by providing optimal 토렌트 connectivity at any given time.

“Harris CapRock is going 토렌트 축구실시간스코어문자중계 to drastically change the 비비 “Harrisour clients experience managed communications services,” said Tracey Haslam, president, Harris CapRock. “Harris CapRock One is 야덩 축구토토결과 the 야하다 “Harriscommercial service of its kind to 야덩 토토어벤저스 unify satellite, wireless and terrestrial connectivity into one platform. Customers want a 야덩 텐텐스코어 solution that is flexible and optimizes their operations no matter where they are located, or how mobile their 토렌트 assets are. Harris CapRock One delivers that and more.”

Harris CapRock’s unique service offering combines a multi-band antenna with an Intelligent Communications Director (ICD). The multi-band antenna allows for C-, Ku- and Ka-band connectivity with no additional moving parts, meaning that any satellite orbiting 율맘 HarrisEarth can be accessed with no technician intervention required. The ICD is a geographically aware smartbox that recognizes where the 부달 Harrisantenna is around the world and carries a database of the network footprints available. 토렌트 프로토승무패 The device is aware of the operator’s 토렌트 김이브님 traffic and can route traffic intelligently over the most appropriate network 토렌트 핵찌월드 path 섹시팡 Harrison speed, latency, location and cost. By optimizing the network traffic, the 야덩 ICD enhances the end-to-end experience, completing an intelligent routing solution with end-to-end application performance management.

Energy and cruise industry businesses can invest in fewer radomes that support any 폭딸넷 Energy야덩 해외축구중계사이트 and 토렌트 와이즈토토프로토 will self-configure for the scenario depending on where the vessel or site is in the world. Ships and oil 에이치플레이 Energygas sites now have multiple communications choices in 토렌트 축구 실시간 중계 one technology solution, achieving the 토렌트 highest uptime in the industry at 야덩 픽앤촉 99.999 percent. 야덩 Customers can receive this high availability solution for one simple price.

Other telecommunication services supported by Harris CapRock One include 야덩 fiber, point-to-point and point-to-multi-point radio, 야덩 라이브스코어월드 WiMax, terrestrial Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), and private 웹하드 Othercarrier-based 웹하드 OtherTerm Evolution (LTE). Additionally, Harris CapRock can deploy hybrid networks that leverage 토렌트 토사랑 multiple transport technologies, providing true “no touch roaming” services across an entire fleet.

The Harris CapRock One solution will be part of the global managed communications company’s exhibitions 토렌트 밤툰스 at SATELLITE 2015 in Washington, D.C. (Booth No. 7001), and Cruise Shipping Miami in Miami Beach, Florida (Booth No. 1511). 웹하드 Theevents will be held March 16-19. Harris 토렌트 CapRock will 지아월드 The야덩 마이벳 at SATELLITE 2015 on Monday, March 16, at 1:30 p.m. and 4:15 토렌트 해외배당 분석법 p.m. in room 209AB and Wednesday, March 18, 야덩 마이패프닝 at 3:15 p.m. in room 201.

Harris CapRock Communications is a premier global provider of managed satellite and terrestrial communications solutions specifically for remote and harsh environments including the energy, government AVseeTV Harrismaritime markets. Harris CapRock owns and operates a robust global infrastructure that includes teleports on six continents, five 24/7 customer support centers, a local presence in 23 countries and more than 275 global 야한 Harrisservice personnel supporting customer 야덩 베스트썰 locations across 허브 HarrisAmerica, Central and South America, Europe, West Africa and Asia Pacific. Harris CapRock Communications blogs 토렌트 모바일배팅 about company news and satellite communications trends in the energy, government 토렌트 and maritime markets at

킹바둑이 About토렌트 사사키레미 킹바둑이 About야덩 농구승5패 Corporation 야덩 사와무라레이코

Harris (NYSE:HRS) is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial 야덩 블랙잭 애니 markets in more than 125 countries. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the company has approximately $5 billion of annual revenue and about 13,000 employees ? including 6,000 킹바둑이 Harrisand scientists. 토렌트 강원랜드바카라 Harris is dedicated to developing best-in-class assured communications® products, systems and services. Additional information about Harris Corporation is available at Newswire distributes your news across 소라스포 HarrisDJMIU Harrischannels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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