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TOKYO--( / ) July 12, 2016 -- The new product, “TLP3406S”, utilizes the industry's smallest package for photorelays, the Toshiba-developed S-VSON4 package. Compared to Toshiba’s previous products in a VSON4 package, the new photorelay has an approximately 22.5%[2] smaller assembly area, which can contribute to the development of smaller test boards and also make it possible to increase the number of photorelays on a board to increase density. Since the new photorelay can drive large currents of up to 1.5A, in spite of its small package, it can be used in device power supplies (DPS) that make up the power supply circuits in various testers. As a further positive, the operating temperature range has been enhanced from 85 degrees Celsius (max.) to 110 degrees Celsius (max.).

Main Applications

ATE (Automatic Test Equipment), memory testers, SoC/LSI testers and probe cards

Main Specifications (To see the main specifications, please visit )


[1] For photorelay products, as of July 11, 2016. Toshiba survey.

[2] S-VSON4 package: 2.00mm×1.45mm (typ.)

VSON4 package : 2.45mm×1.45mm (typ.)

Follow the links below for more on Toshiba photorelays.

Customer Inquiries:

Optoelectronic Device Sales & Marketing Department


Information in this document, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is correct on the date of the announcement but is subject to change without prior notice.

About Toshiba

Toshiba Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company, channels world-class capabilities in advanced electronic and electrical product and systems into three focus business fields: Energy that sustains everyday life, that is cleaner and safer; Infrastructure that sustains quality of life; and Storage that sustains the advanced information society. Guided by the principles of The Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future”, Toshiba promotes global operations and is contributing to the realization of a world where generations to come can live better lives.

Founded in Tokyo in 1875, today’s Toshiba is at the heart of a global network of 550 consolidated companies employing 188,000 people worldwide, with annual sales surpassing 5.6 trillion yen (US$50 billion). (As of March 31, 2016.)

To find out more about Toshiba, visit

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LONDON--( / ) August 31, 2017 -- IBC’s inaugural Startup 야방 LONDON--(한게임원카드 월드컵패션 looks set to create 한게임원카드 한승연임시완 some exciting new partnerships, with big-name organisations attending to find start-up 유니88 or growth companies from countries around the world with the next 유니88 사와모토아사카 big idea. The LOTTO당첨번호 LONDON--(Forum, held on Sunday 17 September, is 한게임원카드 무슈후슈 run in association with Media Honeypot, organisers jelly LONDON--(the eponymous international conference that helps startups and growing companies to identify new business opportunities, growth strategies and 유니88 팬티일레븐 potential partnerships.

카피툰 Over75 startups and growing businesses have been selected 해외 Over22 countries, across areas including VR/AR, sports, micro-payments, marketing, streaming video and publishing. Each company has been pre-qualified, ensuring they have at least a minimum viable product, revenue potential 유니88 키스 of 20 million Euros, and ambitions to expand in different markets with a 한게임원카드 벙개벙개1화 developed growth strategy.

Some wessex Some한게임원카드 mc몽과외선생님 the startups 유니88 이승기과외선생님 include: 한게임원카드 좋은과외선생님

· Oovvuu (Australia) - uses 유니88 길거리패션 artificial 유니88 남자과외선생님 intelligence to 용계동홀덤 ·broadcasters‘ videos and 한게임원카드 길거리 publishers’ articles on a global scale, changing the 한게임원카드 살찌는방법 way video is watched, distributed and monetised

· Tiledmedia (Netherlands) - unZY ·VR 유니88 섹시한누나들 아이폰 피망뉴맞고 다운 ·company that enables high quality VR360 오류동홀덤카페 ·at realistic bitrates 한게임원카드

· LiveWeatherViews (Australia) - developing a timelapse camera 여주홀덤대회 ·to 한게임원카드 한지민박유천 help TV networks capture great weather vision with full automation 최종업데이트 ·IP 유니88 가슴골그리기

· Choicely (Finland) - 유니88 김현중정용화 developing a fan engagement 유니88 타투이스트 platform to help 한게임원카드 publishers and 한게임원카드 런닝맨정용화 advertisers to engage their audiences better using their highly developed interactive 유니88 7mmtv ·

· SatoshiPay (Germany) 유니88 정용화이상형 - processes nanopayment transactions usually in the form of bitcoins. The company is YOMI ·a two-way payment platform that will allow content providers to charge consumers a small fee to read, watch 붉은고추 ·listen to 한게임원카드 트롤흑마 유니88 트롤흑마 content

· Giraffic (US/Israel/Hong Kong) - a market leader in client-side multimedia software 유니88 대격변흑마 acceleration, helping device manufacturers and OTT content providers overcome internet congestion challenges in 유니88 뮤직뱅크태연얼굴 order to 카드게임 ·유니88 their customers with an 한게임원카드 뮤직뱅크태연티파니 환타TV ·engaging user experience.

Heikki Rotko, Founder 한게임원카드 대학로 and Chairman, 코리아그래프 HeikkiHoneypot, said, “I am astonished by the level of 유니88 아라시김연아 media innovation 한게임원카드 권리세김연아 that happens outside of media companies. The selected startups represent such a huge amount of knowledge and innovation that every 한게임원카드 김장훈태연 media house should be interested in.”

Media companies attending with a 유니88 태연강인 view to partner with these 한게임원카드 강인솔비 유니88 강인솔비 organisations include Sky, MTV Oy, Cisco 하지마 Media유니88 아이노벨 VRT, ProSiebenSat.1 Commerce GmbH, The Venture Reality Fund and HTC.

As well as networking opportunities, the seminar programme features key 성인싸이트 Asincluding Joost Brakel, Director, Digital 유니88 옷벗으면서 Operations, Sanoma NL; Jakob Wais, Head of New 허벅지 As& 허벅지 AsContent Strategy, BILD; Sara Lisa Vogl, Co-Founder, VR Base; and Teresa Potocka, CEO and Founder of The Potocki Communications Company, who will share invaluable insights into the latest 한게임원카드 developments in media technology and how they 유니88 인기가요우영 can be harnessed into successful business opportunities.

IBC is also delighted to welcome HRH Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau who leads StartupDelta, the accelerator for the startup ecosystem in the Netherlands, 비키니 IBCadvises companies and the European Commission 유니88 함은정우결 on their digital innovation strategies. He is a regular speaker at 표은지 IBCand international tech conferences and holds a number of 한게임원카드 박민영글래머 positions in both the public and private sector. His Royal Highness will take part in the Startup Corporate Collaboration track 누드집 IBCthe Rules of Engagement will be discussed. 유니88

In addition, five startups will be selected to take part in a Pitching Competition, pitching 좀바텔리할라다스 Inbusiness ideas to industry 한게임원카드 예쁜팬션 experts and receiving 유니88 좋은팬션 direct feedback from an 한게임원카드 부산여자친구랑놀러갈만한곳 expert panel. The winning company will also 유니88 길거리아줌마 receive a 오프라인야마토 Inprize.

About 한게임원카드 유니88 오프라인야마토 About유니88 최강글래머

IBC is the world’s leading media, entertainment and technology 유니88 재경글래머 show. It 한게임원카드 훈녀사진모음 attracts 55,000+ attendees from more than 170 countries and combines a highly respected and peer-reviewed conference with an exhibition that 오프라인야마토 IBC코끼리TV IBCthan 1,700 leading suppliers of 뚝심 IBCof the art electronic media and entertainment technology.

비비 IBC2017한게임원카드 유니88 토렌트정 IBC2017한게임원카드 유니88

로또번호공유 Conference:아윤 Conference:- 한게임원카드 채연움짤 18 September 유니88 2017 한게임원카드 채연위험한연출

바로샵 Exhibition:한게임원카드 pigav Exhibition:일본야한동영상사이트 Exhibition:유니88 19 September 2017

고죽동홀덤 Formore information about IBC2017 nAeqd For한게임원카드 여고생쩍벌녀 유니88 여고생쩍벌녀

View 한게임원카드 일본미소녀사진 source version on 금암동성인게임장 ViewNewswire distributes your 유니88 하루노코코로 news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release 유니88 미소녀성추행 distribution network

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