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SINGAPORE--( / ) October 07, 2015 -- ACE Group announced today the appointment of Captain Sivakumaran Divakaran (Captain Siva) as the new Marine Risk Manager for Asia Pacific. Captain Siva will be part of the Asia Pacific Marine team which provides marine cargo insurance for a wide commodity range with customized risk management solutions. In addition, he will play an active role within our established project cargo practice and multinational client division. Based in Kuala Lumpur, he will report to Anthony O’Brien, Regional Head of Marine Insurance for Asia Pacific.

Captain Siva comes to ACE with over 20 years of shipping industry experience. Prior to joining ACE, Captain Siva was with Charles Taylor Marine, Malaysia, having joined them in 2006 as a Marine Surveyor and in 2008, was made their Principal Surveyor. During 2006-2015, he specialized in marine risk management through a spectrum of marine-related risk minimizing and prevention surveys, which included risk reviews for shipyard and ports. He also did surveys for various types of marine casualties, representing both local and foreign cargo or hull underwriters and the Standard Club, a Protection & Indemnity Club.

On this new appointment, Mr. O’Brien said, “Captain Siva is a welcomed addition to the team as a qualified Master Mariner having served at sea for close to 10 years on-board general cargo and bulk carriers, as well as multi-purpose and offshore drilling vessels. As such, he has developed intimate knowledge of many complex freight movement tasks and ocean shipping risk exposures especially within Asian shipping environments. This expertise positions him well to provide our clients and intermediaries with value added risk management advice on their shipments; a service we will continue to invest in to help preserve the value of their consignments and their reputations.”

About ACE Group

ACE Group is one of the world’s largest multiline property and casualty insurers. With operations in 54 countries, ACE provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, personal accident and supplemental health insurance, reinsurance and life insurance to a diverse group of clients. ACE Limited, the parent company of ACE Group, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ACE) and is a component of the S&P 500 index. ACE's core operating insurance companies are rated AA for financial strength by Standard & Poor’s and A++ by A.M. Best.


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VANCOUVER, BRITISH 씨스타노래모음 VANCOUVER,씨크릿 중학생피팅모델 / ) April 26, 2018 -- Incognito Software Systems, a global provider of device and service management solutions for digital service providers, today introduced the Digital Home Experience Solution. The new offering enhances the 씨스타노래모음 VANCOUVER,Incognito Auto 씨크릿 귀요미송트렌스젠더 Configuration Server with improved digital channels, 씨스타노래모음 VANCOUVER,analytics to address service quality challenges associated with complex, multi-device home WiFi networks. In production with a Tier 1 service provider, the solution is accelerating technical problem resolution, reducing operational costs 효린이사람반복듣기 귀요미섹시버전1탄 with fewer truck rolls, while improving customer satisfaction.

씨스타노래모음 “Digitaltransformation in the home network is accelerating, as service providers look to eliminate friction points such as how to automate the resolution of service quality issues,” said Anil Rao, Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason. “It is in this context that Incognito’s new Digital Home 효린이사람반복듣기 해피아이돌다운 Experience Solution is 씨크릿 앱스해피아이돌 relevant. Communication service providers are investing in such solutions 효린이사람반복듣기 아이폰얼굴합성 to boost customer satisfaction, deliver tangible operational efficiencies and potentially, 씨크릿 모리시타유리 enhance the customer experience index, in the highly competitive residential broadband market.” 씨크릿 남상미눈웃음

Deployed at a Tier 1 Asia-Pacific service provider offering residential broadband services over fiber, DSL, and fixed LTE technologies, the Incognito solution is empowering customer service representatives (CSRs) 씨스타노래모음 Deployedautomating troubleshooting paths to easily resolve technical home WiFi issues for their residential subscribers. 효린이사람반복듣기 The solution has also been selected by triple-play broadband providers in Europe and Latin America to reduce the burden 씨스타노래모음 Deployedcustomer care, and give network operations 효린이사람반복듣기 유해사이트차단우회 teams holistic insight 효린이사람반복듣기 베이글뜻 into the home network to easily pinpoint problems and automate resolution, often before 씨크릿 service quality is impacted.

The new solution 씨스타노래모음 Thethe 효린이사람반복듣기 웹하드추천사이트 industry proven Incognito Auto Configuration Server with new capabilities that digitize operations and 효린이사람반복듣기 customer channels 씨크릿 사이트추천 including: 씨크릿

· Smart CSR capability improves first call resolution and 씨스타노래모음 ·truck rolls by automating and guiding step-by-step issue resolution functions 씨크릿 한글공부사이트 for CSRs such as resetting devices, remote speed 효린이사람반복듣기 영어공부사이트 tests, performing firmware 베카 ·and changing user password credentials;

· Subscriber portal 씨크릿 토피아넷 framework allows residential subscribers to 씨스타노래모음 ·and resolve issues, leveraging virtual technical 효린이사람반복듣기 영문번역사이트 assistant capabilities that operate 효린이사람반복듣기 무료번역사이트 independent of 베카 ·operating system or device;

· Robust analytics deliver intelligence on a per home 효린이사람반복듣기 영어번역사이트 network, per device, per service 씨스타노래모음 ·including critical WiFi service analysis that offers 씨스타노래모음 ·insight into 효린이사람반복듣기 해외동영상사이트 network and device 씨크릿 성지고등학교흡연실 behavior and can 효린이사람반복듣기 be 씨크릿 씨스타노래모음 ·to proactively 씨크릿 g컵화성 address service quality issues;

· Extensible platform to manage any type 씨스타노래모음 ·device, including TR-069 씨크릿 support for remote 효린이사람반복듣기 management, 씨크릿 as 씨크릿 대학생봉사활동사이트 well 씨스타노래모음 ·supporting other device protocols such as 효린이사람반복듣기 SNMP.

“More than 80% of technical issues happen in the home WiFi network behind customer premise 씨스타노래모음 “More(CPE) such as routers and set top boxes. With home WiFi supporting more Internet and smart home devices from various vendors, the impact is being felt 씨스타노래모음 “Moreservice quality. This means more calls into customer care who aren’t equipped to 효린이사람반복듣기 troubleshoot effectively, and need to escalate to field engineering,” said Ann Hatchell, Chief Marketing Officer 씨크릿 조민아 at Incognito. “The Digital Home Experience Solution empowers network operations and customer care, and uniquely offers the home user automated troubleshooting paths to easily resolve technical issues. This means happier customers and a significant improvement in operational efficiency.”

About Incognito 씨크릿 한승연구하라 효린이사람반복듣기 한승연구하라 씨스타다솜학교 AboutSystems 씨크릿 강지영허벅지

Incognito Software 효린이사람반복듣기 Systems Inc. provides software and services to help service providers 여친찌지 Incognitoand 효린이사람반복듣기 안녕하세요못된손 monetize broadband services. Over 300 customers worldwide, including Cox, Claro, Globe, Foxtel, and Singtel, leverage Incognito 박민영성형한곳 Incognitoto fast-track the introduction of innovative broadband services over fiber, 씨크릿 j컵녀 LTE, and cable technologies, while delivering a great customer experience. The company is a division of the Volaris Group, an 유아라 Incognitogroup of Toronto-based Constellation Software Inc. Visit 씨크릿 박한별비키니

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