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LONDON--( / ) November 20, 2017 -- Shell and bio-bean announce that together they are helping to power some of London’s buses using a biofuel made partly from waste coffee grounds.

The B20 biofuel contains a 20% bio-component which contains part coffee oil. The biofuel is being added to the London bus fuel supply chain and will help to power some of the buses; without need for modification.

Biofuel provides a cleaner, more sustainable energy solution for buses across London’s network by decreasing emissions1.

“Our Coffee Logs have already become the fuel of choice for households looking for a high-performance, sustainable way to heat their homes - and now, with the support of Shell, bio-bean and Argent Energy have created thousands of litres of coffee-derived B20 biodiesel which will help power London buses for the first time.” said bio-bean’s founder Arthur Kay. “It’s a great example of what can be done when we start to reimagine waste as an untapped resource.”

The average Londoner drinks 2.3 cups of coffee a day2 which produces over 200,000 tonnes3 of waste a year, much of which would otherwise end in landfill with the potential to emit 126million kg of CO24. bio-bean works to collect some of these waste coffee grounds from high street chains and factories.

The grounds are dried and processed before coffee oil is extracted. bio-bean works with its fuel partner Argent Energy to process this oil into a blended B20 biofuel. 6,000 litres of coffee oil has been produced, which if used as a pure-blend for the bio component and mixed with mineral diesel to form a B20, could help power the equivalent of one London bus for a year5.

This latest collaboration is part of Shell’s #makethefuture energy relay, which supports entrepreneurs turning bright energy innovations into a positive impact for communities around the world.

Sinead Lynch, Shell UK Country Chair, said: “When it comes to clean energy, we are always looking for the next inventive solution. A good idea can come from anywhere, but with the scale and commitment of Shell, we can help enable true progress. We're pleased to be able to support bio-bean to trial this innovative new energy solution which can help to power buses, keeping Londoners moving around the city - powered in part by their waste coffee grounds.”

bio-bean founder Arthur Kay won Shell LiveWIRE’s Innovation Award in 2013 and the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Programme in 2012 with his ideas about turning coffee waste into fuel. bio-bean has since gone on to produce bio-mass pellets and briquettes called Coffee Logs, before this latest biofuel innovation.


2 Tassimo

3 bio-bean source information

4 (calculation 627kg of CO2 per 1000kg of WCG, bio-bean removes 200,000 tonnes)

5 Calculation based on biofuel consumption and bus circulation numbers detailed quoted by

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SAN FRANCISCO--( / ) October 07, 2015 -- ServiceSource® () (NASDAQ:SREV), the global leader in customer revenue growth and retention solutions, today announced it is expanding its global presence and accelerating its 벗방순위 SANengine with a new service delivery center in the Philippines. The new facility, located in a region fast becoming a hub for global enterprise expansion, AV추천 is scheduled to begin operations in the first quarter of 2016. As a result, ServiceSource will 벗방순위 SANincrease its global competitiveness, expand its capacity to serve current and future customers, as well as accommodate the growth in demand for its Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM) solutions around the world.

This new Philippines center will increase ServiceSource’s capacity to deliver 24/7 operations, enabling the company to provide faster delivery times and execute sales-related activities at a larger scale. In addition, the center will expand the company’s best-in-class global support coverage with direct access to a growing pool of well-educated, English-speaking talent. With plans to grow to 500 employees, this move will provide the company with the 벗방순위 Thisto locate a variety of standardized, process-driven activities within this center, increasing capacity for more strategic and high-touch roles in other in-market centers. The new center will also allow the company to pilot and integrate next-generation delivery technologies from the ground-up and 지오파 Thisthem at scale, AV추천 동영상닷컴구 providing for an even more seamless sales support experience.

“The top-quality 일본동영상 “Therapidly growing workforce in the Philippines has made it one of the most attractive markets for global companies looking for further expansion opportunities,” said Christopher M. Carrington, CEO of 밤전 “The“This new service delivery center is yet another proactive and AV추천 strategic step ServiceSource has taken toward driving two of our key corporate initiatives: growth and profitability. In addition to providing 24/7 support and shorter turnaround times for our global customers, we will also now be more competitive on a global scale and better positioned to fulfill the increasing interest in our suite of Revenue Lifecycle 야마토2 “Thesolutions?especially as companies intensify focus on growing and retaining their existing customer revenue.”

The center will play a key role as 아이러브사커 TheAV추천 미아카에데카메론 continues to build its overall 아이러브사커 Thein the RLM space. With the increased capacity that AV추천 this center will create in the company’s current in-market centers, the company will be 아이러브사커 Theto dedicate more resources to strategic selling and customer success-related activities associated with RLM.

“As locked-in contracts become a thing of the AV추천 스미레미카 past, and companies are challenged to fight for each customer continuously, we’re seeing more and more excitement build around RLM and its proven approach to grow and retain recurring revenue,” said Greg Hopkins, Chief Customer AV추천 아카리츠무기 Officer for ServiceSource. “Enabling our domestic and in-market centers to better focus on kbs바둑대회 “Asthat momentum will also be critical to growth 축구추천 “Asto helping AV추천 하네다아이 our customers realize the revenue generating benefits of those solutions.”

Leading the company’s newest location 조개넷 Leadingbe James Keating, whose career spans 13 years as an experienced and effective sales operator AV추천 with proven proficiency AV추천 키타미카나미 in all 갱년기 Leadingof Managed Services. Most recently, James served 타이네롤 Leadingthe Operations Leader at Convergys, AV추천 모바일홀덤 managing the flagship sales site in the Philippines where he oversaw operations for 2,000 employees across 8 global accounts.

The 콕링판매쇼핑몰 Thecenter marks ServiceSource’s tenth global location, and fourth in the Asia-Pacific Japan (APJ) region, Busta-Bet Theoffice openings in 콘돔추천종류 TheKuala Lumpur AV추천 토토사이트 and Yokohama.

야동섹스 About읍중동성인게임장 AboutAV추천 안전공원추천

ServiceSource (NASDAQ:SREV) provides the world’s leading B2B companies with expert, technology-enabled solutions and best-practice processes proven to grow and retain revenue from AV추천 홀덤방법 existing customers. With a holistic approach to the entire revenue lifecycle, ServiceSource solutions help companies drive customer adoption, expansion and AnZwuj ServiceSourceOnly ServiceSource brings to market more than 15 years 수송동성인게임장 ServiceSourceexclusive focus AV추천 on customer success and revenue growth, global deployments across 40 languages and 150 countries, and a powerful, purpose-built Revenue Lifecycle Management technology platform. For more information, go to

충현동풀팟홀덤 Forward-LookingStatements AV추천 oneshot

This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements regarding the prospects for ServiceSource’s business and offerings. These forward-looking statements are based on our current assumptions and beliefs, and involve risks and uncertainties that could cause our results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in our forward-looking statements. Those risks and uncertainties include, without limitation, fluctuations in our quarterly results of operations; the risk of material defects or errors in our software offerings or their failure to meet customer expectations; migrating customers to our SaaS offerings and the ability to integrate such offerings with other third-party applications used by our customers; errors in estimates as to the renewal rate improvements and/or service revenue we can generate for our customers; our ability to grow the market for service revenue management; our ability to protect our intellectual property rights; the risk of claims that our offerings infringe the intellectual property rights of 역삼1동홀덤대회 Thischanges in market conditions that AV추천 스타리그 impact our ability to sell our SaaS solutions and/or generate service revenue on our customers‘ behalf; the possibility that our estimates of service revenue opportunity under management and other metrics may prove inaccurate; demand for our offering that falls short of expectations; our ability to keep customer data and other confidential information secure; our ability to adapt our solution to changes in the market or new competition; general political, economic and market conditions and events; and other risks and uncertainties 김가온 Thismore 외국야동 Thisin our periodic reports and registration statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which can be obtained online at the Commission’s website at All forward-looking statements in this press release are based on information currently available to us, and we assume no obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

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ServiceSource® and any ServiceSource AVWOW ServiceSource®Inc. product 유로파 ServiceSource®service names or logos above AV추천 축구언오버 are trademarks of AV추천 ServiceSource 고구마 ServiceSource®Inc. All other trademarks used herein belong to AV추천 축구경기일정 their respective owners.

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